See what caregivers are saying about the workshop

Reading all the posts has helped me see I am not alone.  This workshop has given lots of great suggestions for how to handle stress and also how to handle emotions better.  The book is a great resource to have as well.  Thank you so much!

One of the most useful aspects of this workshop are the comments, suggestions and support from fellow participants.  Many offered insights I hadn't even considered.

Being rural, not on social media, and in a pandemic...this feels like true support...Thnx for helping to turn this into a respite and community!

I think this workshop was very valuable. I am pretty incompetent on computers, maybe not the only one. Although I shun social media, these [workshop] posts have been enlightening.

The care center in the city [nearest] our rural town had a full page listing caregiver support groups and educational classes, something sadly lacking in our community. Thus, I've been very grateful for this class, especially the comments from those in my group.

Thank you all for becoming a thoughtful, sharing, accepting, and non-judgmental community! There is so much collective wisdom and creative advice from this little 'brain trust'.

Many thanks for easing our burdens while we got acquainted with such amazing friends!

Everyone has given me perspective that we are not alone, very comforting.

Being a part of the ‘caregivers [workshop]’ has given me an assurance that I am not alone with caring for my husband. It was good that I could join in on this discussion at any time day or night and that I did not have to drive anywhere. It is also easier to open up by being anonymous. Thank you to all for their guidance, support, and great suggestions.